terça-feira, 30 de março de 2010

'When I am old'

When I am old,
And sadly steal apart,
Into the dark and cold,
Friend of my heart!
Remember, if you can,
Not him who lingers,
But that other man,
Who loved and sang,
And had a beating heart,
When I am old!

When I am old,
And all Love’s ancient fire
Be tremulous and cold:
My soul’s desire!
Remember, if you may,
Nothing of you and me
But yesterday,
When heart on heart
We bid the years conspire
To make us old.

When I am old
And ev’ry star above
Be pitiless and cold:
My life’s one love!
Forbid me not to go:
Remember nought of us
But long ago,
And not at last,
How love and pity strove
When I grew old.

Ernest Dowson

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